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June 19th, 2021 - Wapello County

July 24th, 2021 - Muscatine County

August 28th, 2021 - Linn County

H&J Entertainment Announce a Concert Series Showcasing 

The Very Best in Authentic Iowegian Blues

The Iowa Soul Brothers Revue Presents Authentic Blues Sounds & Stories From Three of Iowa’s Native Sons

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03/04/2021, Iowa H&J Entertainment, LLC & CopperTopStudio Hut are proud to announce a brand-new concert series for 2021 featuring three of Iowa’s premiere blues artists, John-Paul “Jp” Jones, Ernie Peniston and Kevin Burt

The Iowa Soul Brothers Revue (™) began with the idea of showcasing the fact that Black Iowegian artists represent the blues legacy with the same authenticity as their neighbors to the south and east. When the great migration happened right before the Civil War, Black Americans from the southern states, many of them former slaves, brought their artistic talents and traditions to Iowa, creating an artistic and historical culture that is not only Black, but uniquely Iowegian. 

The Soul Brothers Revue aims to show the world the unique talents of three of those native Black Iowegians, each of whom embody the state of Iowa’s long and distinct cultural history. The purpose of the Revue is also to present blues music as it was developed through Black Iowegian cultures and traditions, educating and entertaining audiences in equal measure.

Prof. Jp says, “As a native Black Iowegian, what’s important to me is presenting a combined 100+ years of performance experience, inspired by nearly two centuries of black family history native to Iowa."

Kevin Burt says, “The opportunity to be a part of the Soul Brothers Revue means we can share with our music community and supporters something that has a strong connection to the past. It is also relevant to us today and can help shape the future of live performance for artists rooted in traditional Black music."

Ernie Peniston adds, “What I really like about the collaboration is that we offer three different approaches to the blues. I can’t wait! This is going to be so cool!”

The live performances for Soul Brothers Revue are scheduled to run between May and October 2021, with further dates and locations to be announced. For further information on how to book the acts for your event or festival, please get in touch with Heather Dawn (contact details below).

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About John-PaulJp” Jones For over 25 years Lifoti Magazine Artist/Album of The Year recipient and Iowa Blues Challenge Finalist Prof. Jp Jones. A Member of the AFM, BRC, IBF, ISSA & ASCAP, Prof. Jp's music is deeply inspired by the heavy blues artists of the late 60's in particular, Phil Lynott, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower & Rory Gallager as well as modern Jon Butcher. While leading the John-Paul Jones Group Prof. Jp has received rave reviews for the latest release of "Broke In Bridge City”, released in February 2021 on Eugene’s Trick Bag Records. 


About Ernie Peniston: For more than 50 years, Iowa & Midwest Blues Hall of Fame Inductee, Ernie Peniston has been a staple of Black Iowegian music, and while his family hail from the Lake Rathbun area of southeast Iowa, Ernie was born and raised in Muscatine on the Mississippi River. Ernies music invokes great blues, funk and soul artists including Bobby Rush, Stevie Wonder, Solomon Burke, James Brown and Ronald Isley. Ernies latest self-released CD entitled These Blues” is set for release in Spring 2021. 

About Kevin Burt: For over 25 years, Iowa Blues Hall of Fame & International Blues Challenge Winner, Kevin Burt has been electrifying  audiences throughout the Midwest, dispelling the myth that true blues has no roots in Iowa. His soul-inspired presentation is unique, which consistently gets him compared to a range of artists like Bill Withers and Aaron Neville, and the ability to build an audience rapport that has been compared to the great B.B. King. Kevins latest release Stone Crazy” is out now on Gulf Coast Records. 

For more information and booking enquiries contact Heather Dawn, H&J Entertainment: 

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Kevin Burt - Soulful Blues

John-Paul Jones Group - Heavy Blues


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February 9th, 2021

Jp got this Note last night and woke up to this post Jacob's Mother Sarah Jane posted. Don't forget Sarah its a 7-String Guitar and a 6 String Bass he got two firsts that night.

"Hey I got your album and man I am LOVING it. your singing and the amazing riffs are truly inspiring me. To be honest I listen to the album at night when I go to bed and man just the groove in the songs like balled of the 9 are amazing and the fast paced be better yourself makes me jump! and blue ruin is stuck in my head right now lol. I just want to say I am a HUGE fan of your music -Jacob"

"I am very honored to have spent some time with these boys. Jacob, thank you for your kind words and I am so very glad you liked the album.- Prof. Jp"

If anyone is interested the album is still available and will be shipped directly to your home you can get it on Vinyl or on CD at

October 6th was when Eddie Van Halen died. That was the day I recorded and posted Jacob doing his tribute to his hero. Because you guys shared his video so much, he got 5.5K views!!!

He still really doesn’t quite understand how big of a deal that is for a 14y/o kid from small town Iowa, just doing what he loves to do.
Some pretty cool things came out of it but at the top of the list was an opportunity to meet one of the most gracious dudes I have met in a long time, Mr. Jp Jones.

He is a local musician who also owns his own little recording studio here in Ottumwa. (I call it little because of the size of the building, but the amount of equipment and instruments he has packed in there is the furthest thing from small!!!)

Jp saw the video, thanks to a tag from a mutual friend (Ashley Junis ❤️), and invited all three of the older boys to come check out his set-up and to visit with Jake about his playing. (This was the night before Wyatt’s birthday and a week before Sullivan was born so life was such a whirlwind that I forgot to post the pics back when we went. 🤦🏼‍♀️)
We thought he would just give the boys a quick tour to be polite, shake Jake’s hand, and we would go on.

We were shocked to see that Jp had other ideas. He gave them way more than a quick tour and showed them all kinds of different stuff he had set up, then let Jo and Wyatt bang away on the drums to their heart’s content, and took immense joy in jamming out with Jacob.

He played some for Jake, then jammed with him, and took the time to teach him several things too. (Jake even got the opportunity to play a six-string for the first time!)

He showed the boys all some different musical influences specific to the instrument each boy plays and deeply encouraged them, which meant way more coming from an actual musician than just mom. 🤣🤣

(ETA: So apparently it was a seven string guitar and a six string bass; mom got confused....don’t tell Jake. 🤐🤫🤪🤣)
Jp is an OUTSTANDING guitarist and several times I watched Jake’s jaw drop and his eyes widen while he watched JP go to town.

So when Jp released his album Broke In Bridge City, (by John-Paul Jones Group), I had to pre-order a copy for Jake.

It came a few days ago and Jake has listened to it non-stop, and it has even replaced his nightly listen to Van Halen as he falls asleep. 😱 He may only be 14 but the kid has an ear for music and he loves what he loves.
Music really is what brings out the best in people and what brings people together, and I’m so grateful that Jp used his music and kindness to invest in some kids, simply out of the goodness of his heart. ❤️

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UPDATE: January 2021

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If anyone reading us wishes to support us please feel free to by pre-ordering an LP or CD.