Friday, January 24, 2020

Save Time and Expense

Tip of the Week: How To Successfully Recruit Attendees to your Next Event

By H&J Entertainment,  LLC

When planning entertainment for your events.  Remember if your organization does not have a marketing department.  You might want employ someone to help you with the creation of necessary marketing materials.

Generally a qualified entertainment service provider (ESP) will provide you with all your event marketing materials upon request and many times at no additional charges.  It is in the ESP's best interest that your event is successful.

Or you can employ your local media and marketing educational programs that are now being offered at local community colleges and some high schools.

Engaging your audience about your event (a minimum of 6 weeks prior) is crucial most people need multiple exposures to information to make a decision.

Utilize your local connections make arrangements for your local media outlets to interview your ESP's artist about the event.  Have your ESP arrange for its artist to record public announcements for use by local media outlets. Always ask for high resolution photos from your ESP. 

To make your event run smoothly plan to have your marketing plan in place within 10 days after confirming your date.  Sometimes this simply means connecting your ESP with your local media contacts. Start by calling your media contacts and explaining the local connection to the event.  If you have local sponsors. Then make sure to let the media contact know who those sponsors are.  

To make your event a success, you will want to make sure you put in the work.

ALL of the following tools can  and should be utilized:

Word Of Mouth - Tell everyone to tell everyone.  This is is inportant.  Once an event has been confirmed you must use every form of communication you have to drive your friends and neighbors to the event.  Do this by text, email, messenger, phone calls.  If your organization has members... set aside one day a week to do a campaign to try and reach 10x as many people as you expect to show up.  It is a fact... if you speak to your friends and coworkers in person. They are more likely to support your event.

Social Media Posts - make sure you are posting about the event and sharing the event. Coordinate with your ESP.  Most likely they will have social media events created for your event. It is much more effective if you share the content created by your ESP than have two event pages floating around. BOOST THE POSTS for more reach... a $.$$ a day budget of boosted posts will go a long way... work with your ESP they will have someone who can help with this.

Traditional Media Outlets - never understimate the power of a good article in the paper article.  A radio interview is also a very good tool especially if your station will record it and make it available for you to have on your events online pages.  Even though you can advertise in your local media outlets.  You should leverage your oranization's local influence to get your ESP's artist interviewed, as this is like a public event announcement that money simply cannot buy.

Old School Methods - ask your ESP for formatted copy that you can print on standard paper.  Also every ESP should be able to provide you with 11x17 posters for distribution throughought your community.  Do not understimate the power of these in supporting business store windows.  

GET ON THE PHONE, TEXT, MESSENGER, EMAIL - call your friends.  This is important.  If you are a member organization like a service club. Personally call every member you know and ask them to call 5 other people and text 10 people they know.   If your entire membership does this your event will be populated.  If you are not part of an organization. Then call up 25 friends.  Ask them to attend then ask them to call 5 friends who might be interested.

In summary a successful event cannot only rely on social media to attract attendees.  The personal touch is equally important.  As always we hope as you plan your events you will consider our artist John-Paul Jones Group and try to attend one of the many events this summer

Thanks again for reading these few tips to make your next event a success.

H&J Entertainment Staff
Exclusively Representing
John-Paul Jones Group

Friday, January 17, 2020

Winter Hibernation

Well we had a great summer and 1/2 way through the winter we are checking in with you. We hope you all had wonderful holiday season.

We are working on something BIG for 2020 summer.

Friday, September 27, 2019


SEPTEMBER 09/27/2019

So the John-Paul Jones Group as you know starts playing May and ends October of each year.  H&J Entertainment is currently booking and planning performances on behalf of the John-Paul Jones Group for 2020 if you would like to be considered as a potential event or sponsor, contact us 515-207-2611. We have been a little remiss in updating on a show by show basis, but its been such a busy roller coaster. We have enough footage for 8 DVD releases in 2020. We will be going through the hours of footage to determine what will be used for a 2020 DVD release.

Jp starts writing and pre-production recording sessions in December. The band will record a new EP for a 2020 Release during the months of January, February, March and will plan on a May Release of a new double EP of original material and selected tribute selections.

The 2019 Concert Series marked the 20th year of the John-Paul Jones Group.  And Jp says its been the best year yet.

2019 saw some great things happening.
HERE IS A RECAP OF THE SUMMER IF YOU MISSED IT BE SURE TO GET ON THE MAILING LIST. and you will be kept up to date. Also following the John-Paul Jones Group on Social Media will keep you up to date.

On May 18th the band opened up its annual concert series with a blitering 90 minute concert at the HFI Creativity Lab a unique venue in Fairfield, Iowa operated by Dr. Eric Schafer.  The room was full of dancers and they let Jp know that he is correct when he says, "An artist first obligation is to his true musical integrity and the rest will follow."

Social Media Comments on the Great Job The Band Did Entertaining the Audience.

The band took a break through the Month of June while Jp designed and build the "Maiden Voyage" his proprietary mobile stage system.. 

Rough video showing the final build of the Maiden Voyage Mobile Stage System.

July 4th saw them back with a vengence at the 9th Annual Bourbon & Blues Festival in Swisher Iowa.  The band performed to a packed house and really stretched their wings...The band typically plays a 90 minute set maximum and has done so for years.  But upon the request of the organizers of the Bourbon & Blues Festival Organizers extended its set to 150 minutes and went over wonderfully.

Jp as always putting on a show above and beyond "standin and strummin" Here is his having a conversation with an audience member in the middle of his guitar solo.
On July 20th H&J Entertainment, Lexington Properties and the Rhodes Family joined forces and put on the 1st that we hope is many Blues-Bikes-Cars (Wapello Edition) which raised money for the worth Cause of partially funding the Wapello County Sheriff's Reserve Childrens Shopping Program.

More great comments on the great job this event did for the community.   Jp received an award for his efforts for the
Blues-Bikes-Cars Event he produced, performed and co-sponsored.
The inaugural debut of the Maiden Voyage mobile stage system at
Blues-Bikes-Cars Chartiy Concert
August 10th Muscatine Woodstock Festival presented  the John-Paul Jones Group as a featured artist.  The band played a sweltering set and shared the stage with other regional acts paying homage to music of the Woodstock Generation.
Jp atop the Maiden Voyage putting on the great show he does.

August 13th for a 2nd returning year the Iowa State Fair featured the John-Paul Jones Group in the Susan Knapp Amphitheater.  The band again played an energetic set that was recorded on video and audio which will be released in 2020.  Jp was interviewes by the ISFWWC Media Group's publisher Kim west after the show.

August 24th continuing their tradition of charitable awareness and giving H&J Entertainment, presented the John-Paul Jones Group in a Patriot's Picnic. That rose awareness for the Ottumwa Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 775.  This concert was recorded look for it to be released in 2020.  Also look for this to become a concert series unto itself in 2020, as Jp wants to expand the charitable giving for this series.
The Patriot's Picnic Sponsored by H&J Entertainment for raising awareness and assisting audience recruitment at the VFW Post 775.

September 13th saw the John-Paul Jones Group's Debut at the SLRA End of Summer Rally.  Jp, Jesse and Steven brought the Heavy Blues to Van Buren County.  They went over wonderfully and are communicating with the organizers to come back for an afternoon set next year with the Maiden Voyage.

The John-Paul Jones Group Debut at the Stateline Rally, Looks like the Fans may want them back.

September 21st saw the return of the John-Paul Jones Group to the Jessica Peine Memorial Ride and Benefit Festival. The band was in their quickly becoming a running theme of extreme musicianship and over the top showmanship.  Their song selection has a little something for everyone of all ages and musical tastes, but still all songs fall within the Heavy Blues Genre.

September also saw the release of Lifoti Magazine featuring an article on page 8 of the John-Paul Jones Group. Lifoti Magazine is an international music and culture magazine featuring contemporary artists of all genres Jp was interviewed for the magazine earlier in the summer.  Its great to see such a relevant publication choose this artist as a part of its editorials.

Jp Looking Happy with the coverage in INTERNATIONAL magazine LIFOTI

Lifoti Magazine Covers the Most Relevant in Current Music Scense Worldwide, John-Paul Jones Group is Honored to Make the Cut.
Jp Decided to Do some unboxing of his package today.

October 26th is the John-Paul Jones Group's last performance of 2019.  The band's management is currently in negotiations with festival organizers, sponsors and concert hosts for 2020.

We must thank all of our concert series sponsors. To name a few... Lexington Properties, Iowa State Fair Association. HyVee, Donner Deal, Galaxy Audio, and many others please visit the website to see the exhaustive list of sponsors and supporters of the John-Paul Jones Group.

Remember if you want to have the best value in entertainment, then contact H&J Entertainment, 515-207-2611 and see if you can put on the John-Paul Jones Group Selective schedule.